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Polish magazine of the tire industry

“Świat Opon” is a magazine addressing issues related to the tire sector in Poland. The aim of the journal is to provide key information from the industry’s life, as well as professional articles necessary for anyone involved in the tires sector. In addition, this publication presents the most interesting information from the fairs related to the tires and not only. For that purpose, we travel every year thousands of kilometers in Poland and in the world. And all of this in order to give you the news of the highest caliber. The magazine is complemented by interviews with key people in the industry having a lot of experience and endless capital of knowledge. Their response is a valuable message. “Świat Opon” is also a publication reaching the decision makers, so I encourage you to topical- promotional cooperation!

The magazine is targeted at:

  • owners, managers and employees of tire services for the passenger, truck and farming transport;
  • selected mechanical workshops;
  • licensed service stations;
  • producers of retreaded tires;
  • construction and transport companies;
  • manufacturers, distributors and importers of the tire industry;
  • automotive retailers and wholesalers;
  • tire fair organizers all over the world;
  • schools and other academic institutions;
  • and many more...

I encourage you to cooperate with us!

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